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Ac227 has a half life of 22.0 years with respect to one leading . To Th227 and the other to Fr227. The percentage yields of these two daughter nuclides are 2.0 and 98.0, respectively . What are the decay constants (λ) for each of the separate paths ?

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For the radioactive decay of A into B and C by two parallel paths
So, d[A]dt=λN....(i)
where λ,λ1,and λ2 are radioactive decay constants, respectively, and N is the number of atoms of A at any given time.
Thus, +d[A]dt=d[B]dt+d[C]dt
From eqs. (ii) and (iii), we get
On integration ,we get
For decay of Ac227 into Th227 and Fr223 , on the basis of given data
and λ=0.693t1/2=0.69322=0.0315year1 ltbr> So,0.0315=λ1+λ2...(v)
On solving Eqs. (iv) and (v), we get
and λ2=0.03087year1

Updated on:21/07/2023

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