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One of the hazards of nuclear explosion is the generation of .90Sr and its subsequent incorporation in bones. This nuclide has a half-life of 28.1 year. Suppose one micro-gram was absorbed by a new-born child, how much Sr90 will remain in his bones after 20 year?

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Initial amount of Sr90(N0)=1μg
Amount of Sr90 after 20year(Nt)=[?]
Used time (t)=20 years
Half life period of Sr90(tt/2)=28.1year1
Decay constant (λ)=0.693t1/2=0.69328.1year1
For Sr90.
( Because all radioactive decays are the examples of first order reaction )
On solving,
or log10NtN0=0.2141
or NtN0=0.6102
or Nt=0.6102×N0

Updated on:21/07/2023

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