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(a) On analysis a sample of uranium ore was found to contain 0.277g of .82Pb206 and 1.667g of .92U238. The half life period of U238 is 4.51×109 year. If all the lead were assumed to have come from decay of .92U238, What is the age of earth?
(b) An ore of .92U238 is found to contain .92U238 and .82Pb206 in the weight ratio of 1:0.1 The half-life period of .92U238 is 4.5×109 year. Calculate the age of ore.

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Let time=t year
All the lead have come from decay of U. ltbr> Mole of Pb formed =2.77206
Mole of U decayed =0.277206
Total mole of uranium before decay,
Also, N for U238=1.667238
For U238,t=2.303λlog10N0N

Updated on:21/07/2023

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