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Cu64( half life=12.8hours) decay by βc emission (38%),β emission(19%), and electron capture (43%). Write the decay products and calculate partial half lives for each of the decay processes.

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The nuclear reactions are :
Given, λavg=0.69312.8hr1
Also for parallel path decay
λ1= Fractional yield of .30Zn64×λavg
λ2= Fractional yield of .28Ni64×λavg
λ3= Fractional yield of _(28)Ni64×λavg
and λ1λ3=3843....(iii)
From Eqs. (i),(ii), and (iii),λ1=2.056×102hr1
t1/2 for βc emission =0.6932.056×102=33.70hr
t1/2 for β emission=0.6931.028×1020=67.41hr
t1/2 for electron capture =0.6932.327×102=29.78hr

Updated on:21/07/2023

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