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The nuclide ratio, .31H to .11H in a sample of water is 8.0×1018:1 Tritium undergoes decay with a half-life period of 12.3yr How much tritium atoms would 10.0g of such a sample contains 40 year after the original sample is collected?

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Mass of hydrogen in 1.0g of water =218×10.0=1.111g
Number of moles of H atoms in 10g of water =1.111
Number of atoms of H in 10 of water ltbr> =1.111×6.023×1023
Number of atoms of .1H3 in 10.0g of water
=5.3532×106 ltbr Decay constant (K)=0.693t1/2 and
K=2.3030tlogN0N ltbr> 0.69312.3=2.30340log[5.3532×106]Nt

Updated on:21/07/2023

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