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An experiment requires minimum beta activity produced at the rate of 346 beta particles per minute. The half- life period of _(42)Mo99 , which is a beta emitter , is 66.6 h . Find the minimum amount of _(42)Mo99 required to carry out the experiment in 6.909 h.

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To carry out experiment,
Rate of β emission required =346 particles min(1)
Rate =k.N
or desired number of atoms to carry out experiment after 6.909hr
Now, when N=1.995×106 at oms of Mo at t=6.909hr,
N0 can be evaluated as :
=2.1436×106 atoms of Mo99
Weight of Mo requried to carry out experiment in 6.909hr
=2.1436×106×996.023×1023g ltbr> =3.56×10916)g

Updated on:21/07/2023

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