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Class 9






Area Of Parallelograms And Triangles


Diagonals A C and B D of a qua...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : Given: `ABCD` is a quadrilateral where diagonals `AC` and `BD` intersect at `O`.<br>`⇒ar(△AOD)=ar(△BOC)`<br>Adding `ar(triangleODC)` on both sides,<br>`⇒ar(triangleAOD)+ar(triangleODC)=ar(triangleBOC)+ar(triangleODC)`<br>`⇒ar(triangleADC)=ar(triangleBDC)`<br>Now, `△ADC` and `△BDC` lie on the same base `DC` and are equal in area and they lie between the lines `AB` and `DC`<br>`⇒AB` parallel `DC` (Two triangles having the same base and equal areas lie between the same parallels)<br>In `ABCD`,<br>`⇒AB` parallel to `DC`<br>So, one pair of opposite sides is parallel,<br>`∴ABCD` is trapezium.<br>Hence Proved.


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question is diagonal AC and BD of a quadrilateral intersect at O in such a way that area of triangle is equal to the area of triangle ABC prove that ABCD is a trapezium ABCD quadrilateral are equal to diagonals intersect aur Hamen question media why ki area of triangle is equal to area of triangle views on Hamen kya karna hai ki ABCD is a trapezium Agaram triangle triangle Blue Sea 2 nikal Diya Ham donon mein ghar a bhi add karne area of a cube se kya aayega area of triangle OD plus area of triangle ABC is equal to area of triangle + area of triangle ABC right ab Jodi mein add kiya tha ismein AVR Kiya To 51 Jayega area of triangle ETV the area of triangle and Yahan kya

area of triangle ABC of area of triangle ABC d kya hai agar Ham yahan se ek altitude draw Karen DJ aur usko Namdev the DNA and cck attitude rockier CM theek hai to kar liya kya hoga Tere kya hota hai kya hai aur kya hai DN ok ok Tarah ABC kar liya kya aayega half and Tu basa se bhi and height is CM Hafte Hafte kya bachega d n is equal to cm and 6 CM BC equal a Gaya Dekho jo hai vah CM ki khola Gaya To Ham Kya kar sakte hain aur Arthi Uthi matlab yah To Nahin aap A 90-degree Angle banaa rahe the To Matlab Yahan per 90 degree ka angle banaa rahe the to buy interior angle property DNA is parallel to cm

2dn jo hai vah CM Ke Paar Le Gaya Kyunki dmcm ke Payal bhi hai aur DNC MB equal bhi hai to koi bhi Colgate Ho Jiski two opposite sides parallel or equal ho to vah kaun sa hota hai dialogue 2008 means n m c is a parallelogram NMC kalagrama Gaya that mean DC jo hai vah bdk Pala Lage this is parallel to AB AB Kisi Bhi quadrelateral Kiya Karo 2 opposite sides Ek dusre ke Payal ho aur Hamen Nahin Pata Bhi Koi Hai Ki Nahin uski do opposite sides Ek dusre ke Payal Hai to determine its work order little kaun sa hota hai trapezium


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