A projectile A is projected from ground. An observer B running on ground with uniform velocity of magnitude 'v' observes A to move along a straight line. The time of flight of A as measured by B is T. Then the the range R of projectile on ground is

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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`R=vT``RltvT``RgtvT`information insufficient to draw inference

Answer :
Solution :
<img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/BMS_DPP01_DPP5.2_E01_372_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> The horizontal and vertical components of initial velocity of projectile are as shown in figure. Since the observer moving with uniform velocity v sees the projectile moving in straight line Hence `v=ucostheta` <br> The time of flight as measure by observer B is <br> `T=(2usintheta)/(g)` <br> Hence horizontal range of projectile on ground <br> `R=(ucostheta)T=vT`


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hello Google latest hot with question in this question what is given a particle is projected from the ground and observe running on the ground with uniform velocity we observed a to move along a straight line this this observer ok it's seen it seems that the particle is moving in a straight line know if the time of flight of a is measured by delete to calculate what is the range of the projectile on the ground ok on the ground then what would be the day we see that so the Here they have resolved we have is all the components as for example the particle is projected at a velocity of u at an angle of theta Sohar component will be you cause of data and this component will be used to treat are so it is asking about the range so what is the range is basically horizontal component horizontal component of the velocity X time ok in the ground frame ok so it would be you cause of theta with the horizontal velocity of the particle X the

time ok now we see that not hear what is given that we observe a of the this is a observing that is moving along a straight line why this happened because he is having a velocity in the horizontal direction it can only happen when the velocity the horizontal horizontal velocity of B and horizontal velocity of se sorry are equal then only the vertical component is vertical component would be seen by the observer and it would be moving in a straight line that we how are you cos theta value would be close to what you cos theta value should be equal to the value of the velocity be otherwise it cannot exceed the particle moving in a straight line no in this situation it would be moving with the frame of the it would be moving just This particle is moving in a straight line by because you cost it has become equal to the value of the velocity V so what would be the value of the range which is measured by which is the range of a projectile on the ground will be close to what are required to win Tuti and the correct option would be what it would be required to it so

dissolution thank you

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