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Using Gauss’ law, derive an expression for the electric field at a point near an infinitely long straight uniformly charged wire.

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Considering the whole line charge to be made of symmetrically situated length elements, each of length dI, it is clear from the figure shown that, the resultant field will be directed perpendicular to the line charge as shown-
To find magnitude
Now considering a cylindrical gaussian surface of radius r and length l , passing through point p , as shown
Flux through the Gaussian Surface= Flux through the curved Cylindrical part Φ=E×2πrl .....(1) , But according to Gauss’ law [Φ=Σqε0]
net electric flux emerging from cylindrical surface is [Φ=λlε0] ....(2) [ The surface includes charge equal to λl ]
Now , eliminatingΦ from equation (1) & (2), we get
E×2πrl=λε0 or E=λ2πε0r=2kλr
And in vector form E=2kλr2r

Updated on:21/07/2023

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