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State Gauss's law in electrostatics. Use this law to derive an expression for the electric field due to an infinitely long straight wire of linear charge density λcm1

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Gauss's Law in electrostatics : It states that total electric flux over the closed surface S in vacuum is 10 times the total charge (q) contained in side S.
Electric field due to an infinity long straight wire : Consider an infinitely long line charge having linear charge density λ. To determine its electric field at distance r, consider a cylindrical Gaussian surface of radius r and length l coaxial with the charge. By symmetry, the electric field E has same magnitude at each point of the curved surface S1 and is directed radially outward.
Total flux through the cylindrical surface,
As λ is the charge per unit length and l is the length of the wire, so charge enclosed, q=λl.
By Gauss's Theorem,
SE.dS=qε0E×2πrl=λl0 E=λ2π0r

Updated on:21/07/2023

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