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Answer the following:
(a) State Gauss' law. Using this law, obtain the expression for the electric field due to an infinitely long straight conductor of linear charge density λ.
(b) A wire AB of length L has linear charge density λ=kx, where x is measured from the end A of the wire.
This wire is enclosed by a Gaussian hollow surface. Find the expression for the electric flux through this surface.

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(a) Gauss's Law
(b) length = L
charge on elementary length 'dx' at a distance x from end A is
kx=QL dq=λdx
Q=kxL dq=kxdx
Now, q=kxLε0 total charge on the road = dr=L0kxdx
Q=kxLε0 q=kL22
flux emitted by the charged rod and passing through the Gaussian surface.
ψ=q0 ψ=KL220

Updated on:21/07/2023

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