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State Gauss' law in electrostatics. Derive an expression for the electric field due to an infinitely long straight uniformly charged wire.

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The total electric flux (φ) through any closed surface s in free space to 10 times the total electric charge q enclosed by the surface.
Take a thin long wire (l=α) with linear charge density λ symmetric about the axis of the wire . At P, E is to calculated, draw an imaginary cylinder (Gaussian Surface) at distance r from the line.
Charged enclosed =q=λl from Gauss'a theorem sE.dS=q0=λl0.
Top face (I) Bottom face II and curved face III ar the segments of Gaussian surface. So λl0=sE.dS=IE.dS+IIE.dS+IIIE.dS
In I and II angle between EanddS is 90 so ,cos90=0 so ,E.dS for both the region is zero.
Electric flux will cross through only curved surface and now IIIE.dS=λl0IIIEdscos0=λl0
But ds=2πrl=CSA= of cylinder

Updated on:21/07/2023

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