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(a) Use Gauss's law to derive the expression for the electric filed (E) due to straight uniformaly charges infinite line of charges density λC/m.
(b) Draw a graph to show the variation of E with perpendicular from the line of charge.
(c) Find the work done in brining a charge q from prependicular distance r1 to r2(r2>r1).

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(a) ocr_image
cancel(O) = ointvecE .dveca
cancel(O) = int E.da_(1) cos 90^(@) + intvecE.dveca_(2) cos 0^(@) + int vecE.dveca_(3) cos 90^(@)
cancel(O) = int Eda_(2)
cancel(O) = E_(2) pirl_(1)
cancel(O) = (sumq)/(sum_(0)) = (lambdal_(1))/(sum_(0))
Equate them : dl10=E2πrl1
(b) ocr_image
(c) Work done to moving from r1 to r2dvr2r1λ2π0rdr
cancel(O) = (lambda)/(2pisum_(0))-[log.(r_(2))/(r_(1))]

Updated on:21/07/2023

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