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Let AB be chord of contact of the point (5,5) w.r.t the circle x2+y2=5 . Then find the locus of the orthocentre of the triangle PAB , where P is any point moving on the circle.

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Equation of chord of contact AB of circle x2+y2=5 w.r.t. point (5,-5) is
5x5y=5 or xy=1.
Solving with the circle we get
So, chord of contact meets the circle at A(-1,-2) and B(2,1).
Let point P on the circle be (5cosθ,5sinθ).
Now, as circumcentre of the traingle PAB is origin.
For orthocentre (h,k), we have
h=1+2+5cosθ and k=2+1+5sinθ
or h1=5cosθ and k+1=5sinθ
Squaring and adding , we get (h1)2+(k+1)2=5.
Hence, required locus is (x1)2+(y+1)2=5

Updated on:21/07/2023

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