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(a) Plot a graph for angle of deviation as a function of angle of incidence for a triangular prism.
(b) Derive the relation for the refractive index of the prism in terms of the angle of minimum deviation and angle of prism.

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(a) ocr_image
(b) A Ray PQ is incident on the face AB of prism at an angle I and refrected along QR at angle r. The angle between the emergent ray RS and incident Ray PQ is called angle of deviation.
A+QNR=180 ....(1)
r+r'=QNR=180 ....(2)
from equation (1) and (2)
A=r+r' ....(3)
δ=MQR+MRQ (exterior angle)
δ=(i+i')(r+r') ....(4)
In the minimum deviation position (when δ=δm)
i=i', r=r' ....(5)
from (3) and (5) r=A/2 ....(6)
from (4) and (5)i=A+δm2 ....(7)
μ=sinisinr (according to Snell's law)
Substituting the value of i and r from equation (6) and (7)

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