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Draw the graph of y=sin2xcosx

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Clearly, the domain of the function is R.
Also f(x) is a periodic function is R.
Lets first draw the graph of y=f(x) for 0x2π.
or cos2x+cosx1=0
or cosx=1±52
or cosx=1+52(cosx152(<1))
Now, f(x)=0sinx(2cosx+1)=0
x=π (considering 0<x<2π) or x=(2π/3),4π/3
Now the sign scheme of f(x) is as follows:
So x=2π/3,4π/3 are the points of maximum and x=π is the point of minima.
From the above discussion, we have the following important points on graph paper.
From points A to C, f(x) increases, from C to D, f(x) decreases, from D to E, f(x) increases, from E to G, f(x) decreases.
Hence, the graph of y=f(x) for 0<x<2π is as shown in the following figure.
Now f(x) is periodic with period 2π, repeat the above graph for other intervals as shown in the following figure.