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Class 11






Laws Of Motion


Three equal weight A,B and C o...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`(a)zero``(b)13 N``(c)3.3 N``(d)19.6 N`

Answer : B
Solution : `a = ("Net pulling force")/("Total mass")` <br> `= ((2 + 2 - 2) g)/(2 + 2 + 2) = (g)/(3)` <br> FBD of `C` <br> `mg - T = ma = (mg)/(3)` <br> :. `T = (2)/(3) mg` <br> `= (2)/(3) (20) = 13.3N` <br> <img src="" width="80%">


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question equal mass hanging pic action less Pulley as shown in the figure the tension in the string connecting the wage B and C is approximately we have to find the tension this a given the mass of each block ABC if you find the acceleration of mass and acceleration connect weight of C is acting in the download direct V of B

age of also acting in the force will try to move the block a pool and BMC download the value of the value of each one is weight of each one is to time 10 which is 22 wake up now considered a block C if you have to find the acceleration of block C we can find what is the total force acting on the system the total force acting on the system

20 + 2020 direction of the force of contributing to the net force 20 20 -20 upon what is the total marks the total mass of the system + 2 + to reduce 2 - 22 Chashmah 2610 account per second the acceleration of the spring is string in another string mast list and frictionless so it's an idea that it will not have anything acceleration of will be save energy

solution of beautician find out the acceleration of the acceleration the system and 10 by 3 metre per second find the tension this considered is blocked see what are the forces acting on this blog posts on this blog pr20 Newton in the tension ki in opposite direction and we know the acceleration of Steel in and given in B tree how do I know that the acceleration a downward direction because the next order net force on this site

acceleration will be in my 3 metre per second square find the acceleration of the value equation of ocr ok so I can ride in a download direction mind tension in upward direction tension in the cord is equal to the body of the body in this case is UKG acceleration which is an account on simplification will give the time period the tension 4321 22b

20 20 -20 upon 3 which is approximately question is diffusion

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