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Derive an expression for the electric potential energy of a system of two point charges in the absence of an external electric field.Solution in Kannada

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Consider the charges q1 and q2 are initially at infinity. First, the charge q1 is brought from infinity to the point A and no work is done for this. This is because there is no electric field to oppose this charge. Consider another point B at a distance .r. from A. Electric potential at B due to q1 is given by
Next the charge q2 is brought from infinity to the point B. When the charge q2 is moved, the electric field due to q1 opposes it. Hence work has to be done. Work done in bringing the charge q2, from infinity to the point B is given by
w=V1×q2 [V=wq0w=q0V]
This work done is stored in the charges as potential energy and is given by

Updated on:21/07/2023

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