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Assertion: A point charge is brought in an electric field. The field at a nearby point will increases whatever be the nature of the charge.
Reason : the electric field is independent of the nature of charge.
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Electric an the due to the system of point charges : Suppose a number of point charges are distributed in space. To find the electric field at some point P due to this collection of point charges, superposition principle is used. The electric field at an arbitrary point due to a collection of point charges is simply equal to the vector sum of the electric fields created by the individual point charges. The is called superposition of electric fields.
Consider a collection of point charges q1,q2.q3,........,qn located at various points in space. the total electric field at some point P due to all these n charges is given by
Etot=E1+E2+E3+.....+En ....(1)
Etot=14πε0{q1q21pˆr1p+q2q22pˆr2p+q3q23pˆr3p+......+qnq2nPˆrnP} (2)
Here r1p,r2p,r3p,.....rnP are the distance of the charges q1,q2,q3,........qn from the point P respectively. Also ˆr1P+ˆr2p+ˆr3p+.....+ˆrnp are the
corresponding unit vectors directed from q1,q2,q3.... qn to P.
Equation (2) can be re-written as.
Etot=14πε0nil(q1q2ipˆrip) .....(3)
For example in figure, the resultant electric field due to three point charges q1,q2,q3 at point P is shown. Note that the relative lengths of the electric field vectors for the charges depend on relative distances of the charges to the point P.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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