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Derive an expression for the electric potential energy of a system of two point charges in the absence of an external electric field.Solution in Kannada

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Let q be the charge on a point charge placed at A. Let '+1C' of test charge be placed at infinity.
It is assumed that +1C of charge is brought from infinity to the point 'B' at a distance of 'r' from 'A'. The electric field is due to 'qA'
i.e., dV=-Edx for unit +ve test charge.
Now replacing '+1C' by 'qB','dV' by dW and 'E' by F, we get
dW=Fdx,dx-displacement between C & B.
Integrating both sides we get,
i.e., W=(14πε0)(qAqB)r01x2dx
i.e., W=(14πε0)(qAqB)(1x)r0
or W=(14πε0)(qAqBr).

Updated on:21/07/2023

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