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Derive an expression for electric potential at a point due to a system of N charges. Solution in Gujrati

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Consider a system of charges q1,q2,q3,,qN with position vectors r1,r2.r3,rN.
Electric potential at point P due to charge q1
where k is coulomb constant = 14π0 and r1P = distance between charge q1 and point P.
Similarly electric potnetial due to charges q2,q3qN are
V2=kq2r2p,V3=kq3r3p and VN=kqNrNP
Electric potential is a scalar quantity. Hence total electric potential at P is,
N=kNi=1qiriP where i =1,2,3, , N
If r is the position vector of point P relative to origin point and the position vectors
r1,r2,rn are of the charges q1,q2,,qN
respectively then electric potential at point P,
V=kNr=1qi(rri) where i=1,2,3 N
and riP=(rri)

Updated on:21/07/2023

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