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Write the expression for electric field intensity at any point outside and inside due to a charged spherical shell.Solution in Kannada

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Derivation: ocr_image
In the above figure
E is the electric field.
R is the radius of a thin spherical shell of centre O.
r is the distance between the point P and O.
P is a point at distance r from O.
ΔS is the area element around the point P.
Let q be the charge uniformly distributed over the surface of the shell. The electric flux through the Gaussian surface is given by
ϕ=EΔScosθ ----(1)
The angle between E and ΔS is 0 cosθ=1
where ΔS = area of the spherical Gaussian surface = 4πr2
(2)ϕ=E×4πr2 ----(3)
From Gauss law, ϕ=qε0 ----(4)
On comparing the equations (3) and (4) we get,
E=14πε0qr2 Along OP produced
The electric field inside the charged spherical shell is zero. This is because the charge enclosed by the Gaussian surface is zero.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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