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Obtain the expression of electric field by thir spherical shell with uniform charge distribution at a point outside it.Solution in Gujrati

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Consider a uniformly charged sphere of radius R having the charge density ρ.
Gauss.s law is E.da=qε0
Here we imagine one spherical Gaussian surface of radius r which is greater than R. (r>R)
Total flux passing through the surface = 4πr2E(r)
Total charge enclosed q=4π3R3ρε0
This equation gives the value of the electric field for the points lying in the region outside the sphere at a distance r from the centre of the sphere (r>R)
Total charge of the sphere Q=43πr3ρ
Using this in above equation:
Thus, for a point outside the sphere the entire charge of the sphere can be treated as concentrated at its centre.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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