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Obtain the expression of electric field by thir spherical shell with uniform charge distribution at a point outside it.Solution in Gujrati

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Let σ be the uniform surface charge density of thin spherical shell of radius R.
Consider a point P outside the shell with radius vector r.
To calculate E at P, we take the Gaussian surface to be a sphere of radius t and with centre 0 passing through P.
The electric field at each point of the Gaussian surface has the same magnitude E and is along the radius vector at each point.
Thus, E and ΔS at every point are parallel and the flux through each element is EΔS.
Summing over all ΔS the flux through the Gaussian surface is E×4πr2.
The charge enclosed is σ×4πR2
By Gauss.s law, E×4πr2=σε0.4πR2

Updated on:21/07/2023

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