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Obtain the expression for electric field due to an uniformly charge spherical shell. Solution in Tamil

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Electric field due to a uniformly charged shell : Consider a uniformly charged spherical shell of radius R and total charge Q . The electric field at point outside and inside the sphere is found using Gauss law .
Case (a) At a point outside the shell (r>R) : Let us choose a point P outside the shell at a distance r from the center as shown in figure (a) . The charge is uniformly distributed on the surface of the surface of the sphere ( spherical symmetry) . Hence the electric field must point radially outward if Q>0 and point radially in ward if Q<0. So we choose a spherical Gaussian surface of radius r and the total charge enclosed by this Gaussian surface is Q . Applying Gauss law ,
The electric field E and dA point in the same direction ( outward normal ) at all the point on the Gaussian surface . The magnitude of E is also the same at all points due to the spherical symmetry of the charge distribution .
Hence EGaussian surface dA=Qε0
But Gaussian surface dA = total area of Gaussian surface =4πr2 . Substituting this value in equation (2).
E.4πr2=Qε0 (or) E=14πε0Qr2
In vector form E=14πε0Qr2ˆr
The electric field is radially outward if Q>0 and radially inward if Q<0. From equation (3) we infer that the electric field at a point outside the shell will be same as if the entire charge Q is concentrated at the centre of the spherical shell . (A similar result is observed in gravitation for gravitational force due to a spherical shell with mass M )
Case (b) : At a point on the surface of the spherical shell (r=R) : The electrical fiedl at points on the spherical shell ( r= R) is given by
Case (c ) At a point inside the spherical shell (r<R) : Consider a point P inside the shell at a distance r from the center . A Gaussian sphere of radius r is constructed as shown in teh figure (b) Applying law
Gaussian furface E.dA=Qε0
Since Gaussian surface encloses no charge So Q = 0 . The equation ( 5) becomes
E=0 (r<R)
The electric field due to the uniformly charged spherical shell is zero at all points inside the shell .

Updated on:21/07/2023

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