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State Gauss' law and using this law , derive an expression for the electric field intensity due to a uniformly charged thin spherical shell at a point outside the shell.Solution in Punjabi

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Gauss.s Theorem : It states that total electric flux through a closed surface is equal to 1ε0 times the magnitude of charge enclosed by it.
Electric field due to uniformly charged spherical shell : Consider a spherical shell of radius R. .O. is the centre of the spherical shell ad + Q charge be uniformly distributed over the surface of the shell.
Let σ = Surface charge density
Total charge on the shell = Q=σ(4πR2)
(i) E at a point outside the shell :
Let P be a point outside the shell at a distance r (OP = r), where electric field intensity is to be determined. Draw a spherical Gaussian surface of radius r with centre at O. Consider a small area elements dS on this Gaussian surface
By symmetry consideration, the magnitude of E is same at all points on this surface and direction is radially outward.
Now flux through area dS is given by
where ˆn is a unit vector normal to area dS
or dϕE=E(1)=dscos0
= E dS [ˆEˆn,θ=θ]
Total flux through whole surface
Using Gauss.s theorem,
From eqns, (2) and (3)
[Area of Gaussian spherical surface=4πr2]
which is also the expression for electric field due to a point charge It means that for a point lying outside the uniformaly charged spherical shell, the whole charged spherical shell behaves like a point charge.
Using eqn. (1) in eqn. (4), we have
(ii) E at a point on the surface of shell (r = R) :
From eqn. (4), we get
But Q=(4πR2)σ
E at a point inside the shell :
It the point P lies inside the shell at a distance r<R, then radius of Gaussian surface will be less than the radus of shell. Therefore, in thi case, Gaussian surface encloses no charge, i.e., q= 0 Using Gauss.s theorem,
i.e., electric field intensity at all points inside a uniformly charged shell is zero.
The variation of E with distance from the centre of uniformly charged spherical shell is shown in fig. given below.

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