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State Gauss's theorem. Obtain an expression for elactric field at any point outside a charged spherical hollow conductor (shell).Solution in Kannada

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Statement: The total electric flux (ϕ) through anyt closed surface is 1/0 times the net charge enclosed by the closed surface.
Expression for electric intensity at a point outside the uniformly chrged shell
Consider a unifomly chrged thin spherical shell of radius R. Let q be the charge distributed on the spherical shell. It produces a spherically symmetric electric firld. Let P be a point distant r from the centre of the shell. To determine the field at P, we imagine a Gaussian sphere of radius r with O as its center as shown in the figure.
The total electric flux through the Gaussian surface3 is given by,
ϕ= Electric field intensity × Area EA
According to Gauss theore, we have
From equation (1) and (2), we have

Updated on:21/07/2023

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