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Using Gauss's Theorem, Derive an expression for electric field intensity due to uniformity charged hollow sphere : (a) At a point outside the shell.

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Electric field intensity at a point outside the shell : Consider a positive charge q distributed uniformly on the surface of a spherical shell of radius R. Let P be the point outside the shell at distance r from the centre of shell (r>R), where electric field is to be calculated. Draw a Gaussian surface in the from of sphere of radius r with centre O.
According to Gauss.s Theorem
S E . d S = q ɛ 0
S E d S = q ɛ 0
Since E and d S are in same direction
θ = 0
S E d S cos 0 = q ɛ 0
S E d S = q ɛ 0
Since E is constant at every point on the Gaussian surface
E S d S = q ɛ 0
But S d S = 4 π r 2
E × 4 π r 2 = q ɛ 0
E = 1 4 π ɛ 0 q r 2
In vector from
E = q 4 π ɛ 0 r 2 r ^

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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  • Question 1 - Select One

    Electric field intensity due to a charged sphere at a point outside the sphere decreases with ………………...

    Aincrease in charge on sphere
    Bincrease in dielectric constant.
    Cdecrease in the distance of from the centre of sphere.
    Ddecrease in the square of distance from the centre of sphere.

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