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Using Gauss's theorem derive an expression for the electric field at any point outside a charged spherical shell of radius R and of charge density σC/m2

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Consider a uniformaly charged thin spherical shell of radius R and having a charge Q. To find electric field at a point outside the shell situated at a distance (r>R) from the centre of shell, consider a sphere of radius r as the Gaussian surface. All points on this surface are equivalent relative to given charged sheel and,thus electric E at all points of Gaussian surface has same magnitude Eandˆn are parallel to each other.
Total electric flux over the Gaussian surface
ϕ=Eˆnds=E.4πr2 ...(i)
According to Gauss.s theorem
ϕ=10 ( charged enclosed) =Q0 ...(ii)
Comparing (i) and ( ii) ,we get
Thus , for any point outside the shell, the effect is, as if whole charge Q is concentrated at the centre of teh spherical shell.
If surface charge density of shell be σ then Q = 4πR2σ and therefore

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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