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Using Gauss's law in electrostatics, obtain an expression for electric field due to a uniformly charged thin spherical shell at a point
(i) Outside the shell and
(ii) Inside the shell
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Gauss.s theorem : The total outward electric flux passing through a closed surface in air is (1ε0) times the total charge enclosed by it . .
Let .+Q. be the charge enclosed by a hollow conductor of radius .R..
Let .p. be a point at a distance .r. from the centre of the conductor and .ds. be a small element of area surrounding the point . A normal drawn from the point coincides with the direction of E. Hence cos 0=1.
From Gauss.s theorem ,
by definition f=E cos q Sds.
where, ads=4pr2,cosq=cos0=1
hence, f=E . 4pr2...(2)
Comparing (1) & (2)
we write E=(14πε0)Qr2
For a point on the surface , r =R
This electric field intensity is maximum . Since electric flux depends on the charge enclosed and electric field intensity depends on the electric flux , electric field remains zero at all points inside the spherical hollow conductor.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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