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Two charges 3x108C & 2x108C are located 15 cm apart. At what point on the line joining the two charges is the electric potential zero? Take the potential infinity to be 0. Solution in Kannada

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Casc i) : For a point in between the two charges
For a net potential at P = 0, i.e., potential at .P. due to charge at A = potential .P. due to charge at B.
i.e, VPA=VPB
i.e., 14πε0qAAP=14πε0qBBP
i.e, 3×1080.15x=2×108x
or 3x=0.32x
or 5x=0.3
x = 0.06 m too the left of 2×108C
Case ii) For a point outside the line joining the two point charges.
i.e., 3×1080.15+x=2×108x
i.e., 3x=0.3+2x
x = 0.3m to the right of 2×108C

Updated on:21/07/2023

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