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Class 12






Wave Optics


In YDSE set up (see fig.), the...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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the bright fringe will be less bright.the dark fringe will no longer remain darkthe fringe width will increasenone of these

Answer : d
Solution : Intensity of the fringes will increase.

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hello and depression se Singham Sahab if it set up the light sources execute SHM between PN to according to the equation this is the mean position assumed that detects 20 is very much less than an Omega is small enough to Doppler effect in the sources was stationery at S intensity it would be I know right so read the paragraph and when the source comes towards the point Q what happens so since as it is performing SHM right and even if there is a small change in distance night it causes a change in intensity as well right so

what is causes in change in intensity how so how is intensity wearing with the distance intensity is inversely proportional to the square and write a good get confused I won by distance square that is how intensity is proportional to this source produces the source is given question most watched you right so the distance is decreasing right as distance between from this formula what does that is intensity increases so what we can say is that the bright French will be less bright know the Dark Side will no longer remain dark know it will be under the French which will increase so Prince b is equal to London

write this is best Ling difference sweet size this is the distance between screen and that and this is the way so what is constant that does not change so answer is none of these options

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