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Class 11






Laws Of Motion


A thin rod of length 1 m is fi...

A thin rod of length `1 m` is fixed in a vertical position inside a train, which is moving horizentally with constant acceleration `4 ms^(-2)`.A bead can slide on the rod and friction coefficient between them is `0.5`. If the head is released from rest at the top of the rod , it will reach the bottom the in

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`sqrt2 s``1 s``2 s``0.5 s`

Answer : D
Solution : `N = ma` <br> `f_(L) = mu N = 0.5ma` <br> Vertical acceleration, <br> `a_nu = (mg - f_(L))/(m) = g - 0.5 a` <br> `= 10 - 0.5 xx 4` <br> `= 8 m//s^(2)` <br> Applying `s = (1)/(2) at^(2)` <br> or `t = sqrt((2 s)/(a)` in vertical direction ,we have <br> `t = sqrt((2 xx 1)/(8)) = 0.5 s` <br> <img src="" width="80%">


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length is fixed in vertical position inside a train which is moving horizontally with constant acceleration of 4 metre per second square abhi cancelling on the row rod and friction Coefficient between them is point 5 if head is released from rest at the top of the road it will reach the bottom En Route to S 1 S to S or point 5 seconds ke so basically this is the road and train is accelerated Aarakshan normal force experienced by the by the ring and also by the frictional force will at which is the surface is rough and MC is acting Sunita acceleration in downward direction and we need to find the time at which it will reach the end ok because it is given the length is only one metre now and will be equal to

that is normal force experienced by the ring will be equal to the pseudo force acting on a due to motion of train similarly force will be equal to new and that is u m a new m a vertical acceleration AV AV vertical acceleration United with different colour will be equal to minus mark that is forces acting in the opposite direction are MG - so we will be equal to M G - FL upon M ok so this is equal to G - new a ok now that will be 10 -

- news point 5 and acceleration of train is given us for metre per second square so this will be from here a vertical comes out as 8 metre per second square ok so this is a vertical now using the expression t = under root 2 is upon its initial velocity will be zero in the vertical direction time taken will be equal to under root 2 into 1 because it is said it is of 1 M upon 8 to 10 class 1 by 4 letters 1 upon 2 S that point 5 second so be built 1 point 5 second to cover the rod of length of the rod that is sorry point 5 second option for is the correct answer ok thank you

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