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An interference is observed due to two coherent sources S1 placed at origin and S2 placed at (0,3λ,0). Here, lambda is the wavelength of the sources. A detector D is moved along the positive x-axis. Find x-coordinates on the x-axis (excluding x=0andx=) where maximum intensity is observed.

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At x=0, path difference is 3λ. Hence, third order maxima will be obtained. At x=,
path difference is zero. Hence, zero order maxima is obtained. In between, first and second
order maxima will be obtained.
First order maxima
Squaring on both sides, we get
Solving this, we get x=4λ
Second order maxima
Squaring on both sides, we get
Solving, we get x=54λ=1.25λ
Hence, the desired x-coordinates are
x=1.25λ and x=4λ . ocr_image

Updated on:21/07/2023

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