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Differentiate between
(a) Bract and Bracteole
(b) Pulvinus and Petiole
(c) Pedicel and Peduncle
(d) Spike and Spadix (e) Stamen and staminoid
(f) Pollen and Pollenium

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(a) Bract and Bracteole
Bract : It is a leaf like structure , Flower is produced from its axdl. They can be small, scaly, green or colored generally they are single,
Bracteole : It is a bract type structure . Which is produced on pedicel. (b) Pulvinus and Petiole :
Pulvinus : Pulvinus is a base of leaf stalk . Its proximal region is swollen where leaf is attached with stem .
Petiole : Petiole is a cylindrical or semi cylindrical stalk like structure which connects leaf base and leaf lamina.
(c) Pedicel and Peduncle :
Pedicel : The stalk of flower is called pedicel . Peduncle : The whole axis of inflorescence is called peduncle.
(d) Spike and Spadix :
Spike : Sessile flowers arranged on inflorescence axis is called spike e.g. Achyranthus. Spadix : In female florescence axis is fieshy and sessile unisexual flowers are arranged at its basal part . Male flowers are produced above female flower. Sometimes sterile flowers are present between male and female flower. Inflorescence axis is protected by large spathe e.g. colocasia, banana etc. (e) Stamen and Staminoid : Stamen : The male reproductive organ of flower is called stamen . Staminoid : Sterile or less developed stamen is called staminoid. (f) Pollen and Pollenium : Pollen : The flowers of angiosperm are microspores which is known as pollen grains. Pollenium : The amount of pollen grains of stamen of same flower is called pollenium eg. colotropis.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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