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Differentiate between
(a) Bract and Bracteole
(b) Pulvinus and petiole
(c) Pedicel and peduncle
(d) Spike and spadix
(e) Stamen and staminode
(f) Pollen and pollinium

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(a) Bract is a leaf like structure in the axil of which a flower arise and Bracteole is a leaf like structure present on the pedicel.
(b) Pulvinus is the swollen leaf base and petiole is the stalk of leaf.
(c) Pedicel is the stalk of flower and peduncle is an axis on which flowers arise.
(d) Spike is racemose infloresence with sterile bisexual flowers and spadix is a special racemose inflonesence with sessile male and female flowers on an axis which is sorrounded by a spathe.
(e) Stamen is a fertile male sex organ and staminode is sterile male sex organ.
(f) Pollen is individual microspore and pollinium is a group of pollen grains held together.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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