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Write floral formula for a flower which is bisexual, actinomorphic, sepals five, twisted aestivation, petals five, valvate aestivation, stamens six, ovary tricarpellary, syncarpous, superior, trilocular with axile placentation.

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Floral formula : It is such a formula by which we can describe flower with some symbols . various symbols for above conditions is given below :
(i) Bisexual ocr_image
(ii) Actinomorphic
(iii) Sepals 5, K5
(iv) twisted aestivation
(v) Petals C5
(vi) Valvate Aestivation
(vii) Stamen A6
(viii) Three chambered ovary G3<br>(ix)SyncarpusG_((3))<br>(x)Threechamberedovary<imgaocr_imageloadg=lazysrc=;><br>(ξ)Aξplacentation<imgaocr_imageloadg=lazysrc=;><br>(ξi)Floralforμla<imgaocr_imageloadg=lazysrc=;>,o+, K_(5) C_(5) A_(6) G_((3)).

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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