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You have heard about several insectivorous plants that feed on insects. Nepenthes or the pitcher plant is one such example, which usually grows in shallow water or in marsh lands. What part of the plant is modified into a pitcher ? How does this modification help the plant for food even though it can photosynthesize like any other green plant ?

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In insectivorous plants (e.g. pitcher plant) leaf gets modified into jar like structure and its apical part becomes like coiled structure. That puts jar in import state . The part behind pedicel remains like flat leaf. Apical leaf forms lid. There are digestive enzymes in jar. That digests trapped insects.
All these modifications and adaptations occur to complete deficiency of Nitrogen. These plants grow in soil having deficiency of Nitrogen (Grow in Humid and muddy soil).

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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