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A typical angiosperm flower consists of four floral parte. Glve the names of the floral parts and thelr arrangements sequentially.

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The four whorls of typical flower of angiosperm are as follow :
(a) Calyx : It is the outermost layer of the flower . Its units are called sepals. It is generally of green colour and protects the flower in bud stage.
(b) Corolla : It is made up of petals . Generally they are shining , which attract insects for pollination.
(c) Androecium : It is made up of stamens. It is a male reproductive organ. Each stamen has stalk and Anther. It has pollen sac and pollen grains. (d) Gynoecium : It is a female reproductive organ. It has more than one curpels. Each carpel has anther, pollen tube and ovary. (Typical Power Dhatura)

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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