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If f(x)={|x|,for0<|x|21,forx=0. Then, at x = 0, f has


a local maximum


no local maximum


a local minimum


no extremum

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The correct Answer is:A

It is clear from figure that at x=0,f(x) is not continuous. ocr_image
Here, f(0)>RHL at x=0andf(0)>LHL at x=0
So, local maximum at x=0

Updated on:21/07/2023

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    If f(x)={1x, for 0<x112, for x=0, then in [0, 1]

    Af(x) is not continuous
    Bf(x is continuous
    Cf(x) is continuous at x=0
    Df(x) is continuous at x=1
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    If f(x)=x, for 0x<121x, for 12x<1 , then

    Cf is continuous at x=12
    Df is discontinuous at x=12
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    If f (x) ={xfor0x12x1for 1<xthen

    Af(x) is discontinuous at x=1
    Bf (x) is differntiable at x=1
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    Df (x) is not continuous but differentiable at x=1
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    Let f(x)={xfor0x<13xfor1x2
    Then f(x) is

    Acontinuous at x =1
    BRight continuous at x =1
    CLeft continuous at x =1
    DLimit exists at x =1
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    Let f(x)=x3x2+x+1andg(x)={maxf(t),0txfor0x13x,1<x2 Then, g(x) in [0, 2] is

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    Bcontinuous for x[0,2]
    Cdifferentiable for all x[0,2]
    Ddifferentiable for all x[0,2]{1}
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    If f(x)=x, for 0x<12, for x=1x+1, for 1<x2, then f is

    Af is continuous at x=1
    Bf is discontinuous at x=1
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    If f(x)=|x|,x<0x,0x11,x>1 , then f(x) is discontinuous at

    Ax = 0
    Bx = 1
    Cx = 0 and x = 1
    Dnone of these
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    Let f(x)={xsinπx,0<x10x=0 . Then f'(x) = 0 for

    Aexactly two value of x
    Bno value of x
    Cinfinitely many values of x
    Dexactly one value of x

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