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Explain how does green house effect cause global warming.

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(i) The earth.s atmosphere allows most of the visible light from the sun to pass through and reach the earth.s surface. As earth.s surface is heated by sunlight, it radiates a part of this energy back towards the space as longer IR wavelengths.
(ii) Some of the heat is trapped by C H 4 C O 2 C F C s and water vapour present in the atmosphere.They absorb IR radiations and block a large portion of earth.s emitted radiations.
(iii) The radiations thus absorbed is partly remitted to the earth.s surface. Therefore the earth surface gets heated up by a phenomenon called greenhouse effect.
(iv) Thus greenhouse effect is defined as the heating up of the earth surface due to trapping infrared radiations reflected by earth.s surface by C O 2 layer in the atmosphere. The calme up of the earth through the greenhouse effect is called global warming.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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