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(i) Write the steps to be followed for writing empirical formula.
(ii) What do you understand by the terms empirical formula and molecular formula?

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(i) Empirical formula shows the ratio of number of atoms of different elements in one molecule of the compound.
Steps for finding the Empirical formula:
The percentage of the elements in the compound is determined by suitable methods and from the data collected, the empirical formula is determined by the following steps.
1. Divide the percentage of each element by its atomic mass. This will give the relative number of atoms of various elements present in the compound.
2. Divide the atom value obtained in the above step by the smallest of them so as to get a simple ratio of atoms of various elements.
3. Multiply the figures so obtained, by a suitable integer if necessary in order to obtain whole number ratio.
4. Finally write down the symbols of the various elements side by side and put the above numbers as the subscripts to the lower right hand of each symbol. This will represent the empirical formula of the compound.
5. Percentage of Oxygen = 100 -Sum of the percentage masses of all the given elements.
(ii) ocr_image

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