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(i) Explain the exchange reactions of deuterium.
(ii) Explain the action of soap with hard water.

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(i) Deuterium can replace reversibly hydrogen in compounds either partially or completely depending upon the reaction conditions. These reactions occur in the presence of deuterium.
CH4Methane+2D2CD4+2H2Deutero methane
2NH3Ammonia+3D2+2ND3+3H2Deutero ammonia
(ii) Action of soap with hard water:
• The cleaning capacity of soap is reduced when used in hard water.
• Soaps are sodium or potassium salts of long chain fatty acids.
• When soap is added to hard water, the divalent magnesium and calcium cations present in hard water react with soap.
• The sodium salts present in soaps are converted to their corresponding magnesium and calcium salts which are precipitated as scum or precipitate.
Wher, M=Ca or Mg, R=C17H35+

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