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(i) Explain the shape of s and p-orbital. (ii) The mass of an electron is 9.1×1031kg. If its kinetic energy is 3.0×1025 J.

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(i) s-orbital: For Is orbital,l=0, m=0, f(θ)=1/2 and g(φ)=1/2π.. Therefore, the angular distribution function is equal to 1/2π. i.e. it is independent of the angle 0 and Hence, the probability of finding the electron is independent of the direction from the nucleus. So, the shape of the s orbital is spherical.
p-orbital: For p orbitals l=1 and the corresponding m values arc-1, 0 and +1.Th. three different m values indicates that there are three different orientations possible for orbitals. These orbitals are designated as ps,py and ps. The shape of p orbitals are dum bell shape.
Step I. Calculate of the velocity of electron
Kinetic energy =1/2mv2=3.0×1025J=3.0×1025Kgm2s2
Step II. Calculation of wave length of the electron
AAccording to de Broglie.s equation ,

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