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Explain how effective nuclear charge is related with stability of the orbital?

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(i) In a multi-electron atom, in addition to the electrostatic attractive force between the clect and nucleus, there exists a repulsive force among the electrons.
(ii) These two forces are operating in the opposite direction. This results in the decrease in its nuclear force of attraction on electron.
(iii) The net charge experienced by the electron is called effective nuclear charge.
(iv) The effective nuclear charge depends on the shape of the orbitals and it decreases wit increase in azimuthal quantum number I.
(v) The order of the effective nuclear charge felt by a electron in an orbital within the give shell is s>p>d>f.
(vi) Greater the effective nuclear charge, greater is the stability of the orbital. Hence, within given energy level, the energy of the orbitals are in the following order s

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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