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0.26 g of an organic compund gave 0.039 g of water and 0.245 g of CO2 on combustion. Calculate the percentage of carbon and hydrogen.

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Weight of organic compound =0.26 g
Weight of water =0.039 g
Weight of CO2= 0.245 g
Percentage of hydrogen
18 g of water contains 2 g of hydrogen
0.039 mg of water contains218×00390.26of H
% of hydrogen 0.390.26×218×100=1.66%
Percentage of csarbon
44 g of CO2 contains 12 g of C
0.245 g CO2 contains=1244×0.2450.26g of C
%of carbon =1244×0.2450.26×100=25.69%

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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