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Write a notes on hydrogen sponge.

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(i) Hydrogen sponge (or) Metal hydride e.g., palladium-hydrogen system is a binary hydrid (PdH).
(ii) Upon heating, H atoms diffuse through the metal to the surface and recombine to for molecular hydrogen. Since no other gas behaves this way with palladium, this process ha been used to separate hydrogen gas from other gases:
(iii) The hydrogen molecule readily adsorb on the palladium surface, where it dissociates int atomic hydrogen. The dissociated atoms dissolve into the interstices or voids (octahedra or tetrahedral) of the crystal lattice.
(iv) Technically, the formation of metal hydride is by chemical reaction but it behaves the a physical storage method, ie, it is absorbed and released like a water sponge. Such reversible uptake of hydrogen in metals and alloys is also attractive for hydrogen storu and for rechargeable metal hydride battery applications.

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