Show that a median of a triangle divides it into two triangles of equal area. GIVEN : A ABC in which AD is the median. TO PROVE : ar(ABD)=ar(ADC) CONSTRUCTION : Draw ALBC


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Since D is the midpoint of BC, we have:
Multiplying with 1/2 AL on both sides, we get:
Hence Proved.


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question is show that the median of a triangle divides it into two Triangles of equal area karna hai ki ki ek triangle comedian is 2 equal to divide Karta Hai Hamen question mein kya divide triangle ABC ok and comedian diya hai add is a d high strung comedian show karna hai ki of triangle ABC d is equal to area of triangle area C sorry desi ok Hamen show karna karne ke liye yahan se construction Kiya attitude which is perpendicular to BC construction kya Jodi Hai vah ABC comedian hai triangle ABC ka to uska matlab kya hai ki jodi point Hai vah BC commitment hai iska matlab BD key value kiski equal Hai DC ke yahan per badi hai yahan per DC hai theek hai ine donon ko ham
Hafiz multiply Kare to kya kaha Pintu BD into air is equal to half into DC into a l write about half INR to BD into half and 2BD into air strangle Kaya travel guide to Mere hota hai aur yah kis Rang Ke Ghar area of triangle Hai yah kis triangle ka area Hai video of triangle ABC D is Itna Jo half of DC into a l d c into iska part-2 daily Hoga ok to struggle carier hate area of triangle etc that means In Dono ka area equal

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