factorise `(a^2-3a)(a^2-3a+7)+10`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Let `a^2-3a = x`<br> Then, our polynomial becomes,<br> `x(x+7)+10`<br> `=x^2+7x+10`<br> `=x^2+5x+2x+10`<br> `=(x+5)(x+2)`<br> `=(a^2-3a+5)(a^2-3a+2)`<br> Now, `a^2-3a+5` will have no factor as discriminant is `-11` that is less than `0`.<br> And, `a^2-3a+2 = a^2-2a-a+2 = (a-2)(a-1)`<br> So, factors of given polynomial are,<br> `(a^2-3a+5)(a-2)(a-1)`<br>


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