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Maths, Physics, and Chemistry IIT JEE Solutions

Free video lectures for preparation of JEE Main and JEE Advanced exams. Doubtnut provides IIT-JEE free video lectures for Maths, Physics, and Chemistry. Select the question and view the video lecture for IIT-JEE preparation.

IIT JEE Study Materials

While preparing for Joint Entrance Engineering (JEE) examination students need simple and instant doubt solution for maths questions and physics numerical, or getting their concepts cleared in chemistry. Students need swift and precise doubt clearance. Doubtnut has put a full stop on student’s struggle with the doubts during their preparation. Presented here are self-explanatory, clutter-free, and step-by-step video solutions to accelerate your JEE Main and JEE Advanced preparation.

Our subject matter experts of IIT cadre have eloquently prepared and curated IIT JEE Study Materials that lucidly covers every important topic and sub-topic of IITJEE Maths, Physics, and Chemistry. The IIT Online Course should be more than sufficient for you to crack your JEE Main and JEE Advanced examination in the very 1st attempt and secure a rank amongst the JEE toppers. Repeated practice with our IITJEE Study Materials will surely hone your JEE Main and JEE Advanced preparation. Listed below are the Chapter link of the Best Study Materials for IITJEE. Select the question to view the solution.

IIT JEE Mathematics Online Courses 

The Mathematics courses for IITJEE preparation include all the Chapters of Class 11 and Class 12 that are arranged Chapter-wise and subtopic-wise for ease in learning and effective practice. After the student selects a particular Chapter, the student will have option to choose the subtopics where all the concepts along with the questions for practice will be given corresponding to the subtopics. These courses that we are providing are in form of video tutorials. The video solutions are explained in a detailed and step by step manner. The video lectures prove to be helpful for the JEE aspirants struggling to find answers of their doubts.

IIT JEE Physics Solutions and Chemistry Solutions

The preparatory study material for Physics and Chemistry include pre-recorded video solutions from all the popular books of Physics and Chemistry including NCERT textbook and other competitive examination books. The video tutorials are tailored in easy to comprehend Hindi-English (Hinglish) language. IIT JEE Physics video solutions and IIT JEE Chemistry video solutions help a student to understand the concepts thoroughly regardless of his/her own pace of learning. The student can re-open or rewind the video solutions to learn as per his/her leisure in the comfort of your own home.

IIT JEE Preparation Strategy

As JEE Main and JEE Advanced, both are the most crucial engineering entrance exams as it is a gateway to most reputed and prestigious institutions of India like IITs, NITs, IIITs, CFTIs, etc. It is a dream for every engineering student to get into IITs, NITs institutions. Their dreams will come true when they start focusing on the exams by making an effective and channelised study plan.

First, the students should go through the online video tutorials. The concepts explained in the video tutorials will provide an immersive learning experience. Along with video lectures several questions are provided for practice because Math is all about practice or we can say that the rigorous practice is the core step to score good marks in IITJEE. JEE Aspirants should revise their notes and practice these questions after understanding the concepts comprehensively. This will help them to develop problem-solving skills and score more marks in exam.

Clear your Doubts Anytime with Doubtnut

Doubtnut provides free video tutorials for IITJEE and CBSE Class 6 to 12. This app facilitates easily downloadable and sharable amazing video solutions for JEE Aspirants. Our aim is to help the students achieve better grades in board examination and score the highest possible rank in the competitive exams like IITJEE. For quick updates about our newest published IITJEE Online Courses, you can install Doubtnut app on your Android Smartphone. With the highest 4.4 Playstore ratings, it is the best e-learning app for IIT JEE preparation and practice.

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